Most states have Workforce Development or Job Service offices which offer resume writing assistance. Typically, jobseekers complete a resume template on the service’s computer with the assistance of staff, followed by submitting that new resume to open job postings. Is this process effective? Will it result in interview invitations? The answer is “maybe.”

Consider that you are one of many (sometimes 50-100+) applying for a job using the same templated resume. Will you stand out?  Also, do you know the best information to include on your resume? Do you have the writing skills to concisely convey your key selling points? That’s where the “maybe” comes in.

The alternative?  Hire a professional resume writer. Many people believe that my services are only for upper management jobseekers. Not the case at all. I work with everyone from blue collar manufacturing workers to nurses, teachers, sales reps, supervisors, and more!

Let me share a few benefits I provide for my clients and how I help them stand out from the crowd.

1. Guide you in identifying your value proposition. What it is that differentiates you from your competition? Through asking the right questions, we come up with your strengths and skills that will set you apart and then highlight that information in a compelling opening summary.

2.  Uncover your accomplishments. Rather than write an “obituary resume” – one that outlines job titles, dates, and job duties – I help you identify your contributions. When we present actions you took that increased productivity, saved the company money, or improved morale, the hiring manager reading your resume will understand that you are the type of employee who isn’t just there for a paycheck, but rather one who cares about improving the work environment and making money for the company.

3. Ditch the template that makes you look like everyone else. I create a customized format that highlights your best information and brings an individualized style that is not only eye appealing, but also will get through electronic scanning software.

The bonus of working with a professional resume writer is that you gain confidence – at a time it is greatly needed! Through my process, my clients often tell me they didn’t realize just how much they accomplished in their past jobs and are astonished when they read their new resume … “Is this really me?”

Yes, all of this costs money, but not nearly as much as being out of work for months on end. Investing a little up front to get a paycheck sooner is worthwhile.

Reach out to find out how I can help by calling me at 920-731-5167, or click here and submit your resume for a complimentary assessment.