I help mid-level professionals
move their careers forward.

We start by creating a resume that gets you noticed.

Identify Your Value

Boost Your Confidence

Navigate Your Job Search

Are you …
… eager to launch a job search but find yourself baffled by the process?
… contemplating transitioning to a new career path?
… successful in your career but want to prepared for your next move?

Your first step is having a dynamic resume, right?

The answer is yes. However, resume writing … and job search overall … can be daunting. Technology trends, social media, higher standards, more competition … these are just a few challenges job seekers face today. For over 3 decades we have assisted job seekers steer through the ever-changing waters of job search.

We have found that when job seekers write their own resume, in many cases key elements are missed. The resume is no longer a fact sheet reporting where you worked and what you did – it is a marketing piece designed to sell YOU as the ideal candidate.

Our approach isn’t to simply recycle your old resume – we work with you to uncover your value proposition (what differentiates you from your competition) and identify your accomplishments and contributions. We don’t use templates and every resume is carefully crafted to best present each client’s skills and experience by Kathy Keshemberg, a Nationally Certified Resume Writer.

From uncovering the best information to create a compelling resume, writing an attention-grabbing LinkedIn profile, and guiding the development of a winning job search strategy, we have helped thousands of clients successfully move forward in their careers. We’d love you to be our next success story!

Career Management Requires:


A clear vision of where you want to go next and knowing your value proposition – the qualities and experience you offer that set you apart from your competition – are key elements to know before starting your job search. We’ll help you uncover this critical information!


Learning how to use LinkedIn, understanding networking strategies, and knowing what hiring managers are looking for are just some elements to consider. We can teach and guide you through the process of developing a step-by-step job search plan.


Many clients tell us that going through the process of working with us to develop their resume gives them a much greater appreciation for what they have to offer and is a tremendous confidence-builder … at a time when a boost in self-esteem is very beneficial!

We Will Guide You Through the Entire Job Search Process


Resume Writing Services

The central piece of the job search puzzle is your resume. A professionally crafted resume conveys your unique skills, strengths, experience, and value proposition. Well-written documents that “sell” you as an ideal candidate are critical to a successful launch of your job search. We can craft your resume, cover letter, & LinkedIn profile to grab the attention of a recruiter or hiring manager that will lead to an interview invitation.

Job Search Coaching Services

Once you have your resume, what do you do next? Job search has changed a lot over the years … and we know because we’ve been doing this for over 3 decades! We’ll teach you what strategies work best in today’s job market and guide you through creating a job search plan that will work for you. We can also provide ongoing coaching to give you the “accountability factor” and support that is important to your success.